Since 2015, I’ve had the honour to serve as your Member of Parliament for Sackville--Preston--Chezzetcook. I’m proud to be your voice in Ottawa - speaking on the issues and challenges unique to our communities. As a former educator and small-business owner, I’ve worked with local, provincial and national partners to deliver lasting success for the families of Sackville--Preston--Chezzetcook.

During the last election, I asked for your support as we promised real change for middle-class families. We committed to investing in our communities, so that Canadians can build a stronger economy. Our plan is working, and Canadians have created over one million jobs.
I am pleased to see our governments progress on important investments: the Sackville-Burnside connector, which will make the commute home easier and quicker; infrastructure funding for non-profits such as canoe clubs, community centres, and churches; investments for youth through programs like Canada Summer Jobs, with over 255 local positions in 2019 alone; and the disability award has been increased for injured veterans.

In our communities, transformational programs are making a difference. The Canada Child Benefit is providing $5 million directly to families each month, tax-free. The National Housing Strategy, the first of its kind, will be investing in affordable housing units over the next 10 years, with 9 units built in Porters Lake already. And the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) is supporting our most vulnerable seniors.
But this is just the beginning.

Canadians are now faced with an important decision. One path builds on the progress we’ve made on issues, such as the protecting our environment, advancing gender equality, and establishing a Universal Pharmacare system. The other path turns back the clock in favour of unclear plans and Harper-era cuts. Canadians can and should expect better.

I ask for your continued support. As a father and grandfather, my goal is to make our communities healthier and stronger for future generations. We will achieve that result if rural communities can continue to compete and to thrive. That means investing in infrastructure so that all Canadians can access high-speed internet and public transportation. That means recruiting and retaining doctors and nurses where the need is the greatest. That means breaking down the barriers of success for small businesses owners, farmers, and fishers.

If you re-elect me this fall, you will be choosing a community leader with a proven track record of success: securing funding for local infrastructure, pushing through important policy changes that help Veterans and seniors, and delivering jobs to our rural communities. I will continue to advocate for these issues with our leader Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team. My wife Faye and I have lived and built roots in this community for over 35 years. I understand the challenges unique to our area and have shown the ability to align the needs of the riding with various government policies and projects.